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Welcome to our products page!

We are pleased to offer a variety of products for primary grade educators that can easily be implemented in the classroom!

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If you would like to order one of the products below. Simply print and complete one of the order forms on the left and mail with payment to:

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The Phonics Dance - Six Steps to Literacy in the Primary Grades
The Phonics Dance is a kinesthetic based language arts program that gets all of the students in your class up and moving as they dance their way to literacy. This 198 page training manual will show you how to build and engage, effective phonics practice into your reading and writing program through the use of chants, rhymes, and song. It includes worksheets, ready-to-use lessons, word lists, games, reading and writing rubrics, book responses, vocabulary sheets, and much more.
"Click" to enlarge photo Manual and Audio CD Set Cost: $45.00 US

Instruction Manual Only Cost: $35.00 US


The Phonics Dance Audio CD Companion
Learn all of the chants, rhymes, and songs that engage your students in the reading and writing process.

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Cost: $17.50 US


Creative Writing: The Phonics Dance Way
This 393 page manual is designed to help students improve their writing and language arts skills. Lessons are easy to prepare and present. Each writing lesson offers suggestions for teacher read-a-loud, brainstorming, teacher modeling, and a pre-made book or writing sheet. Student writing prompts are based upon the eleven different formats of writing (some of which include - directions, summary, persuasive, friendly letter, and fictional narrative).

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Cost: $50.00 US


Morning Questions: The Phonics Dance Way
Start your day off with the morning question. This 205 page book offers the students in your classroom the opportunity to have short writing warm-ups that help improve grammar, word usage, punctuation, and spelling. Students can easily be their own editors as they answer questions based around class themes. These questions help get your morning off to a fast, fun, thinking start.

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Cost: $30.00 US


Beyond The Phonics Dance
Now that your class is Phonics Dancing! It's time to concentrate on reading. The five essential components and goals of literacy are Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. This manual contains strategies that will enhance your students pre-reading, during reading and post reading skills while engaging their brains for better reading. Additional writing lessons are also included.

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Cost: $60.00 US
Way Beyond the Phonics Dance: Volume 1
A supplement to Beyond the Phonics Dance. Way Beyond the Phonics Dance Volumes 1 and 2 offer thematic Language Arts, Social Studies and Math lessons "holiday style".

Volume 1 includes seasonal lessons for Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chanukah. 245 pages.


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Cost: $30.00 US
Way Beyond the Phonics Dance: Volume 2
A supplement to Beyond the Phonics Dance. Way Beyond the Phonics Dance Volumes 1 and 2 offer thematic Language Arts, Social Studies and Math lessons "holiday style".

Volume 2 includes seasonal lessons for Winter, Martin Luther King Day, Valentines Day, President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day. 321 pages.


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Cost: $30.00 US
Way Beyond the Phonics Dance: Combined Set (Volumes 1 & 2 )
A combined set of the above seasonal lessons. Volumes 1 and 2.

Cost: $55.00 US


Additional Products

Math Mania in the Primary Grades
This 312 page book is filled with teaching ideas that supplement and extend concepts that are part of any primary grades math curriculum. These easy to implement teaching strategies extend learning for any student in your classroom. Many rhymes, chants, and songs are included to help increase comprehension throughout the math curriculum.

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Cost: $40.00 US


Seasonal Plays for the Primary Grades
Sharing special occasions with parents, students and staff in your school is easy when you have your class perform for an audience! This book of Seasonal Plays is divided into five categories: Halloween, Christmas and Chanukah, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, and Just for Fun. It contains over 75 plays, poems, songs, and riddles that allow the children in your class to build confidence through public speaking. Watch fluency and expression take off as your class presents "award winning" shows throughout the year! 186 pages

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Cost: $25.00 US
The Phonics Dance- Alphabet Cards
The Phonics Dance Alphabet  ~ 26 brightly colored 8 x 11 pictures that coincide with the word associations for the Phonics Dance Alphabet

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Cost: $28.00 US
 The Phonics Dance- Hunk & Chunk Cards
40 brightly colored 3 x 4 illustrations that link with each hunk and chunk

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Cost: $15.00 US
 Combined Set- Alphabet  Cards and Hunk & Chunk Cards
A combined set of the above  Alphabet Pictures and Hunk and Chunk cards

Cost: $35.00 US

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